XMD is an automated knowledge-based mold design solution that draws, manages, understands and even checks the hundreds of details of your mold design.  This robust, automated solution significantly shortens overall mold design times.  XMD is designed to further increase the efficiency and accuracy of your design & manufacturing process.


Designing fast is one thing, designing accurately is equally important.  That is why knowledge is built into XMD.  XMD can intelligently anticipate the needs of a designer, allowing him/her to design more efficiently.  XMD intelligently checks the design for potential errors, allowing designers to design more confidently.


XMD is more affordable than ever.  It’s ease of use means lower training costs.  Speed of operation means lower design costs.  Increased accuracy eliminates errors saving money in manufacturing.  These are all factors that give XMD an extremely low Cost of Ownership giving you and excellent Return on Investment today and into the future.

Direct Model Editing

Expert Mold Designer takes full advantage of the powerful direct modelling capabilities of Kubotek® KeyCreator®.  Designers have the tools they need to directly manipulate model data.  They can create or import solids, surfaces, wireframe, drafting freely.  And integrate everything with the intelligent automation of XMD.

Expert Mold Designer is built on KeyCreator, the award-winning CAD/CAM software that takes a real geometry approach to 3D modelling.  Since changes drive the industry, changes are what KeyCreator handles best.  For designers, engineers, manufacturing professionals and operators on the shop floor, KeyCreator delivers the right tools for the job.  Ease of use and fast results are the backbone of this powerhouse package.

Unparalleled in Design

XMD™ is the knowledge-driven automated mold design solution, that manages, understands, automatically produces 2D views, and even checks the hundreds of details of your mold design. Our software’s built-in knowledge will accelerate your design work, enabling your company to deliver better value, faster! XMD™ and it’s unique technology makes it especially ideal for all mold types, and can be easily standardized for your specific manufacturing procedures.

XMD™ includes parametric dimension-driven editing, dynamic model resizing, speed and stability, powerful feature recognition, real-time editing, tolerant modeling, geometry healing, and automated exporting of multiple files, to multiple file types, with company specific naming, simultaneously.

XMD™ with its incredible versatility allows you to model with any solid modeling package you currently use, and still take advantage of the tremendous out of the box automation and speed enhancements of its design functionality.

XMD™ shatters previous performance barriers, and helps you take control of your design process.

Automated Water & Ejection

Smart Water – with a single command, intuitive and complete waterline assemblies are placed quickly and accurately, while avoiding crash conditions.

Smart Ejection – with single pick placement and automatic hole generation, BOM updating (to proper trim length), and 3D/2D drawings, our smart ejection helps to solidify us as the industry leader in design automation.

B.O.M. Feature

Bill of Material Feature – XMD™ generates the BOM for you automatically as you design. It automatically tracks quantity, material type, vendors, sizes, and catalogue numbers of everything as your design progresses and changes are made.

Launch the Design Process

Design FASTER! – XMD™ allows you to start even with incomplete customer data, to create preliminary designs, which include an entire mold base assembly, press info, water, and ejection, in full 3D with your 2D assembly drawings in a few hours.

This allows for sooner customer approval so you can get steel ordered, which improves your manufacturing lead-time and delivery.

Automatic Export Function

Export Automation for Manufacturing
– XMD™ Export Plate functionality enables you to automatically export plates and custom components for machining, and configure the exporting to optimize your company operations! Say goodbye to tedious file naming, saving, and translating. Customer feedback has indicated, this feature alone, realized a minimum savings of 10hrs/project, which for them translated to $15,000/year savings, per user!

The Power of Automation – Before this tool, the export process was a laborious process of selecting a solid, adding the holes, choosing a format, naming the file, and repeating for every plate and custom component, for every revision you issue to manufacturing.

Now, with your company specific configuration, all of this is done for you. The new Plate Export dialog will fill in most of the information automatically. The file names are generated, to your standards, incorporating plate codes, job name, date, or whatever you need. The plates are simultaneously translated to any and all file types you choose, including the holes you require. This feature guarantees consistency in process, prevents tedious work, accidental mistakes in file naming, and forgetting output details.